The Irish visiting English LK 12

It was a regular Thursday afternoon, until Miss Rosteck decided to grace us with the presence of our Irish visitors. Similar to every new encounter, we first were a little shy to talk to each other but that quickly changed when we played a little getting-to-know-game. Interestingly enough, the Irish already had stereotypical images about Germans in their mind, as we Germans had about the Irish. Statements like “punctuality”, “blonde eyes, blue hair” (yes, that’s what they said), “rich and intelligent” as well as “Schnitzel and Bier” came up. We were all very amused and even surprised to hear some of these. Then it was our turn to present our thoughts in regard to the Irish culture and people. “Gingers”, “Ed Sheeran” (it’s a trap – he’s British), “Pubs”, “rainbow, a pot of gold and leprechauns” – the list is endless.

Moving on, we discussed more serious topics as well; topics our LK has been discussing in class, i.e. the threats for Mexican immigrants while crossing the American border illegally, their Herculean efforts to pursuit their dream of living in America, as well as the horrors most of these people go through.

Overall we were thrilled to meet the Irish students, to exchange our thoughts, and most importantly relate to each other as students in general because no matter where you go, the struggles and joys of being a student are universal.

                        Authors: Rufaida K. and Kathrin W.